5 Cent Recycling Dedicated To Wealth

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The Academy

Tippy Toe Wealth Academy is the first of its kind private sustainable academy that educates small urban focused learning communities for recycling-to-investing sustainability.

We challenge the students existing thought that "people don't have money to invest" by changing their mindset with an environment where teachers and faculty can cultivate a positive and progressive school culture with 5 cent recycling and investing. The academy operates from tuition charges, donations and financial endowments!
Each Tippy Toe Wealth Academy semester is 3 months long, once a month, over 3 days, for 1 1/2 hour. Anyone interested in becoming a student of the Tippy Toe Wealth Academy "must" be ages 13 to 18 years old. We are currently looking for space to facilitate each session.

Tuition is paid for either 1 session or/and 3 combined sessions prior to the start of each semester. Semesters run from January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December.

The long-term vision of the academy is to provide the teaching tool that bring together environmental education and community engagement, with collaborative activities to inspire all members of the school community, for a culture of continuous learning, growth, and development, year-round in New York City. 

“Combing the monetary benefit of 5 cent recycling with the investment growth of a portfolio is one of the most fascinating ideas I heard. Making money is an art form and the Tippy Toe Wealth Academy is well on its way to mastering it.”
 David Williams

TTWA's curriculum will include, but not be limited to learning about recycling, learning about investing, finding a financial advisor, identifying a investment portfolio growth plan, learning to create a personal 5 cent recycling campaign and utilizing additional tippy toe wealth strategies for investment portfolio growth.

5 cent recycling calculations examples:

1,000 5 cent bottles = $50 cash
10,000 5 cent bottles = $500 cash
50,000 5 cent bottles = $2,500 cash

Imagine your investment portfolio buying you:

1. A new house   
2. Shopping Items    
3. Early Retirement

Get started on your tippy-toe-wealth journey.


Please leave your name, email and number to schedule the date and time for participation on the next intro conference call.